I’m surrounded by the positive energy generated by smart, hard-working people making good decisions for the betterment of themselves, their family, their kids, and their communities. The people who gravitate to my financial planning process are looking for more than a stock tip, more than a new investment allocation, and more than a new product. They’re looking for a partner. They’re looking for someone who will help carry the burden of making important financial decisions. They’re looking for someone to lean on when the going gets tough, someone to share their heavy load, and someone to do the worrying along with them. They’re looking for another set of eyes on their plan, another set of ears to the ground, and another good brain to help guide their financial decision making. They’re looking for someone who will be there through the good times and bad times.

My clients need a sophisticated financial plan that meets their long-term goals, but can be broken down into simple activities that are easy to execute. It’s a bit like training to climb a mountain. With each workout, with each sacrifice, with each good decision, you move one step closer to the summit. After all, isn’t that what financial planning is all about for most of us? We embark on a journey to achieve our goal, but the goal is often so far away or so large that our approach must be at times incremental, methodical, calculated, and dedicated. As I see it, my role in your financial journey is multi-faceted. I’m your cheering squad, your team captain, your coach, and your research assistant!

Here’s how it works: I take your complex financial planning conundrum and I examine it from every angle. I mull it over. I sketch it out. I run it through financial planning software and mathematical stress tests. I kick it back and forth. I ask you more questions. I consult with other financial professionals, and then I reach a conclusion about what the best options and financial strategies are to make sure we get you where you need to go. Then, I present a plan that resonates with you, that you can fully understand, and that you’re driven to embrace. Why? Because it’s all about you. It’s your plan. I’ve simply taken what was unwieldy and complex and turned it into something simple and manageable.

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Financial planning is all about finding answers to your questions, then creating a strategy for achieving your goals. I work with a wide variety of clients on an even wider range of financial planning topics. At times, the planning need is very specific, like planning for college or creating a strategy for getting out of debt. At other times, the questions answered are very broad, like creating a comprehensive financial plan to simultaneously work toward a number of goals.

Helping clients build wealth between generations is a passion of mine. It’s also a core value for many of my clients. It is important to them that the money and assets they leave to their children will not be wasted or improperly managed. I begin working with the children of my clients when they’re beginning their careers. Together with their parents, we build a foundation of good money habits, knowledge, and empowerment for quality decisions. It is a comfort to my clients to know that their children have a resource and that they are establishing knowledge for financial success early in their lives.

To learn more about my practice, my services, and about Wisdom Wealth Strategies, I encourage you to visit our company website.

• Retirement planning – 2 years, 20 years, or 50 years away!

• Creating a stream of income in retirement.

• Current investment review and analysis.

• Customized portfolio design and ongoing investment management.

• Cash flow analysis, budgeting, and debt review.

• Tax efficiency evaluation and tax planning.

• College planning, including savings needs and plan selection.

• Protection planning; including insurance-needs analysis and review of life insurance, disability, health, long-term care (LTC), homeowners coverage, automotive coverage, and personal umbrella coverage.

• Estate planning document review.

• Company-sponsored employee benefits review, including disability insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits plans.

Let’s have a chat. In this no-cost call, you’ll have the opportunity to describe the financial challenges or opportunities you’re facing. Together we’ll decide if we’re a good fit for one another. If we think there’s potential for a great working relationship, we’ll schedule the initial in-person interview. If not, I’ll try my best to point you in the direction of a resource or service that’s a better fit for your needs.

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